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Speed Sherpa Racing Team Membership FAQ

Do I have to be coached by a Speed Sherpa coach to be a team member?

NO! Last year about 50% of our members were coached and 50% were purely club members! No obligation to be coached or to use our coaches. 

Do I have to live in a certain city to join the team?

NO! Our athletes reside across the country and we even have a few international members. Teammates become very close through our virtual forum, our media pages, and virtual training that's so common these days. Our members meet up at races and for training opportunities across the country though, and spend QT together on and off the race course! Speed Sherpa founders Dave and Sara live outside of Washington, D.C. 

What if I'm new to triathlon or don't think of myself as "fast"?

Speed Sherpa Racing is truly an all ages, all abilities club. You'll see this on our website, our social media, and our interviews -- we simply do not believe in separating triathletes on a single team based on ability. We are very proud of having many elite athletes on the squad without being elitist. We are very proud of having members who are just getting started in this sport. Everyone learns and supports one another -- period. 


Do team members have any obligations to advertise for the club sponsors?

We are very confident you'll love our sponsors and the special discounts Speed Sherpa members enjoy. But team members are under no obligation to advertise for a sponsor. You do your triathlon thing - we'll take care of sponsor obligations! (If you ever want to post about a sponsor product you love, that's great, but again absolutely no obligation to do so.) 

I want to join! What are you looking for in an application? 

HURRAH! The best way to sum up what we look for in a team member is positive engagement. Are you engaging with the endurance community at races, through volunteering, over social media, etc.? Are you engaging with Speed Sherpa?! Even if you're new, have you taken steps to get to know us? That will show us that you would be an active team member in 2024 and that's really what we're looking for -- athletes who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, not just get amazing discount opportunities


What if I'm a member of/ambassador for another team?

That's great! We don't believe people should be limited to one passion or one tri team -- you do this for fun afterall. So if there is a specific charity or nutrition product or local training group, etc. you feel excited to represent as well, that's ok by us.

What are the team membership dues? 

Team membership dues are $100 for the entire 2024 season (Jan 1- Dec. 30). Full-service coached athletes get all the team membership benefits for free as part of their service. 

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