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Athlete Consulting

Use one or multiple consulting sessions with our speed sherpas in lieu of full-service coaching to discuss whatever questions or concerns you might have. Or use the time to do a webinar-style video analysis to improve efficiency, form, and function for your swim, bike, or run. 

1 Hour Consultation


$200.00/hour Head Coach Dave

$150.00/hour Coaches Katie, Kim, Amanda B., Dre, Clarice, Amanda D., Leslie


  • Strategic race selection

  • Goal setting

  • Monthly and weekly training schedules and segmentation

  • Recommendations on key workouts in preparation for primary race

  • Race dynamics such as pacing

  • Mental skills services

  • Training with power or heart rate zones

  • Gear options and vendor recommendations

  • Sport nutrition (advice based on coaches' experience, the experience of our athletes, and from research and certification courses on this topic)


  • Anything else you want to discuss with a coach!
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