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Full Service Coaching

Our Full Service athletes receive personalized training plans and customized workouts, video analysis, "A" race plans, and a coach who is committed to respecting your life and needs outside of triathlon. 
Get a coach who cares! What to expect:


  • Macro training plan designed around your goals

  • Daily customized workouts tailored for your schedule

  • Unlimited athlete-initiated communication

  • FTP testing throughout season

  • Consistent constructive feedback on training sessions

  • Heart rate and power analysis on key workouts

  • Race plans prior to each "A" event

  • Mental strategies and tactics for all training and racing

  • Nutritional advice

  • Premium TrainingPeaks account

  • All team member benefits (sponsor discounts, etc.!)

Getting started - Contact us!
  • We will talk by phone, zoom, or in person to review goals and set athlete/coach expectations.

  • Send your current training schedule and usual weekly responsibilities. Next, we will create a TrainingPeaks account; design a macro training plan; and then start working together and kick some tail!

Pricing - No startup/additional fees

Coach Dave: $300 per month

Coach Clarice: $250 per month

Coach Vince: $200 per month

Coach Katie: $200 per month

Coach Kim:   $200 per month

Coach Leslie:$175 per month

Coach Dre: $175 per month

Coach Amanda D: $175 per month

Coach Margaret: $175 per month

Coach Alison: $175 per month (Run Focused)​​

Coach's Expectations:
  • Consistent communication -- if we're not talking, then we're not coaching!

  • Let go and trust the plan

  • We strive to keep things fun and interesting 

  • Most importantly, ENJOY yourself

  • Full service athletes must commit to at least three months of coaching 

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