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             Speed Sherpa Racing

Our triathlon team is a co-ed, nation-wide crew of about 140 triathletes affectionately known as the Speed Sherpa Nation. Each year our athletes celebrate achievements such as personal records, qualifying for national and/or world championships, or tackling a new distance or type of race they never thought possible. Critically, our athletes are ambassadors of the sport: They exhibit the kindness and sportsmanship that has come to define this team. We are an all ages, all abilities team: Speed Sherpa Racing doesn't believe in separating teammates based on ability! We've found over the years that novices can learn from veterans, while experienced athletes are inspired and re-energized by the joy new-comers feel with each accomplishment. We have athletes who qualify for pro cards and athletes who are just beginning their journey!

"Speed Sherpa has relit my flame for triathlon and I love to race again! Thank you! – Laura (Ironmom and new member)

"When I met the team I just fell in love with them. They're the nicest, most supportive group of athletes! – Clarice (Kona Qualifier)


"The Speed Sherpa community is an amazingly supportive group of athletes that make participating in this sport both fun and rewarding." – Dave (4 year member)

"If you are interested in triathlon at any level, I highly encourage you to fill out an application to be on this team. It’s a wonderful supportive community of triathletes at every stage and our sponsors offer really great deals on nutrition, gear, bikes, among other things!" – Peyton (4 year member)

Racing Team Benefits & Info

Contact us if you are interested in joining the 2024 Speed Sherpa Racing Team - Answers to FAQ are here

Discounts: Our partners provide 20-40% off a tremendous variety of the best swimming, cycling, running, nutrition, apparel, strength training, recovery aids and hydration brands. Additional sponsors for 2024 to be announced in January!  

Group Events: Virtual and in-person training sessions, pure social time with the best people in triathlon, and volunteer opportunities to give back to the athletic community.   

Discounted Custom High End Tri & Cycling Gear: Our members receive access to custom Speed Sherpa Racing gear designed by top triathlon companies! Enjoy a great discount off MSRP while you rep' for the Speed Sherpa Nation.

Online Community & Camaraderie: Members of our team bond together like a family.  Our active and engaging online community is a huge part of what our athletes love about this team. In our social media spaces you can ask questions and get guidance from your teammates or our coaches, or find someone to join you in your latest race idea! To find out more about our community vibe please read our interview in Limitless Pursuits.

Team Races: We link people together through our weekly shout-outs on social media for events across the country for our athletes to meet at and race together. There is nothing like meeting up with teammates the day before and morning of a race, and getting a high five from one another on course.

Mental Skills & Team Physio: We focus on the entire triathlete, including mental confidence and musculature support. That's why our team members get access to mental skills training by certified Confidence Coach and elite triathlete Kelsey Abbott. And it's why our team gets discounts on physical therapy from a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist physical therapist, Dr. Kur Sohn.

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