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Our happy athletes say it all...
Seth H. (Ironman Veteran & IM World Championship Finisher)


“I believe the results of Dave’s athletes speaks volumes as to the competence of his coaching abilities. For me, I had always been a mid-11 hour Ironman finisher… but I never felt like I was able to unlock my potential; that was until I met Dave. Dave put the appropriate amount of rigor and structure into my workouts. This didn’t always mean more laps, or more miles, it just meant smarter training. On top of this, Dave is always very in-tune with his athletes. He is always checking in to ensure the pace, intensity, and structure are working appropriately. My results were exponentially better. My first Ironman after working with Dave improved by 45 minutes. Dave brings experience, passion, insight, and intensity to every athlete he coaches. He is a one-of-a-kind coach who loves what he does.”

Justin M. (Novice Triathlete)

“Since training with Dave, I have gone from finishing in the bottom 20% to regularly finishing in the top 33%. I originally brought in Dave to help me with my atrocious swim. But not only have I made major gains in my swim, I’ve also shaved precious minutes off my bike as well as my run. I’ll warn you of something though-his positive attitude and genuine concern will rub off on you. I highly recommend him and his coaching style!”

Katie P. (Ironman & ITU Sprint World Championship Finisher)


“Dave is an amazing coach. I had been running since I was nine, but felt I had plateaued by the time I was 23. Then I met Dave! Through carefully structured and progressive workouts along with technique diagnosis and personalized attention, he took me to a whole new level… I was not only on the podium, I found myself WINNING either my age group, or, sometimes, first overall female! After 9 months of his coaching I competed in my first Ironman and qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Kona! Also, four weeks after Lake Placid, I competed in the Sprint Distance National Championship and qualified for Team USA and the World Championship in London, as well! Without Dave there is no way I would have accomplished so much. I owe him my dreams because he really did make them come true.  If you’re looking for a quality coach who will motivate you and keep your spirits up, you’ve found him!”

Kathy M. (Former Pro Triathlete, Masters Champion, & Mom)

"I met Dave through Master's swimming and although he hardly knew me, as soon as he found out that I was a triathlete, he  was supportive and generous with his time, sharing his thoughts on training. He even reviewed my training data for me, although I already had a coach (who apparently was NOT reviewing my data!). As a friend and a fellow triathlete, he expressed concern that I was training too hard and not getting enough rest, but never once belittled my coach. He patiently shared his knowledge, offering nothing but supportive words, and finally when he determined that the training program I was following was detrimental to my goals and my love of the sport, he offered to analyze my training data so he could determine if it supported his hunch. All of this was on his own time. Dave is the epitome of generosity and kindness, and on top of that, an awesome athlete. I've had many coaches throughout my life as a swimmer, runner, cyclist and triathlete, and none of them has had that magical combination of kind heartedness, caring, and generosity along with knowledge of the sport, and use of data to help make decisions like Dave does. This guy was born to be a coach!" 

Olaf S. (Seasoned Age Group Triathlete)

“Dave is an excellent coach and has helped me become a more complete triathlete. I started working with Dave after I made the decision to do my first Ironman. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Dave takes the time to analyze your progress and is not afraid to change things around to ensure you are at your best."

Brent V. (Age Group Athlete and Super Dad)

“After one lackluster season (with the only goal being to finish and NOT drown), I knew I wanted to embrace the triathlon lifestyle, learn how to properly train, and race to compete. Dave… took time to learn and understand my goals and desires for triathlon, while understanding that having a family with two very active boys that create scheduling demands. Dave has not only become my triathlon trainer and mentor, building me a customized program to reach my goals, he has become a friend. In one year, Dave has helped me go from a middle/bottom of my AG finisher to a top of my AG finisher; he has helped increase my physical endurance, but more importantly my mental endurance.”

Mindy S. (Ironman Veteran)

“This is the first time I have ever had a coach who really cares like you do! I feel like my life in the sport of triathlon has changed overnight and I have been racing for 15 years!

Andrea B. (Collegiate Swimmer Turned Ironwoman)



“I have known Dave since my first day as a college freshman.  I have seen him progress from an outstanding collegiate swimmer, to a superior cyclist, to becoming a key player in the triathlon scene. When I finally decided to compete in my first triathlon, I knew Dave was the one to provide me some beginner tips. After completing my first triathlon and getting the itch for my next one, I knew I needed some additional help. Dave jumped right in, providing me with the necessary drills, video analysis and workout plans I needed to improve in all three disciplines, especially in running. In the first six months I saw incredible results, especially breaking 25 minutes in my 5k time, which was a major breakthrough for me. Dave has coached me through Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Ironman distances. Each time I cross that finish line, I realize I owe a great deal of my success to Dave’s support, commitment and dedication as a coach.”


Titus M. (International Cycling Star)

I never really knew how much I REALLY didn't know about training until I began working with Speed Sherpa.  For years my training regiments consisted of spliced together bits of training wisdom gained from magazines, online forums, cycling buddies, etc.  When I started training with Dave it became quickly apparent that I had wasted a whole lot of time and effort in the past to get nowhere.  Dave worked with me to build out a training plan that balanced my family life, work, athletic goals, and personal aspirations and got me real results.  I am faster than I've ever been, more confident, and having more FUN on the bike than ever!"

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